Sponsored Supplements


Publishing your research as a supplement to one of Cambridge’s journals enables you to get your clinical findings, conference proceedings and symposia reports quickly and directly to your target audience. All supplements are peer-reviewed to the same editorial standards as regular issues, included in the main journal volume, and full-article supplements are indexed and citable in the same way as all articles published in regular journal issues, ensuring your research has the profile it requires in the academic and professional community.

Cambridge Journals provides a dedicated project manager for each supplement, who personally oversees the process from start to finish. A number of our journals offer a fast track peer-review and production process.

Sponsored supplements are distributed at a minimum to all journal subscribers, and the sponsor enjoys the option of purchasing additional print copies of the full supplement or individual articles for their use.

We can offer a variety of additional benefits subject to editorial approval, including online publication of supplementary multimedia files and Open Access publication.

Sending a supplement proposal

Proposals for sponsored supplements should be sent to the Cambridge Supplements Manager and should include the following information:

  • Journal title
  • Proposed supplement title
  • Subject of supplement
  • Proposed authors
  • Number of papers and estimated page extent
  • Sponsoring company
  • Publication deadline, if any

The proposal will be discussed with the Editor-in-Chief of the journal, and following approval in principle the Supplements Manager will provide an initial estimate of cost. The Supplements Manager will also provide full manuscript preparation and submission instructions as well as scheduling details.

All supplement manuscripts are subject to the normal peer review process for the journal, the duration of which varies by journal and which may be fast-tracked. On acceptance, manuscripts will be forwarded directly to our Production department and will be published 8-12 weeks later.


For further information about publishing a supplement with one of our journals, or to submit a proposal, please contact us.