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Recent Key Developments

February 2014

Cambridge kicked off 2014 by demonstrating our commitment to discoverability. The following initiatives are designed to improve the visibility and accessibility of digital content.


Launching in April, Kudos is a service for authors that will help their content stand out and get found online by adding valuable context to their article, such as links, data and multimedia. Kudos then links with Altmetric (introduced to CJO in January 2013), which allows authors to see the social reach and impact of their article – where it is being shared and by who.

Kudos benefits the author by providing them with a comprehensive tool to boost the reach of their article. Partnering with Kudos during its pilot phase means that selected authors publishing their articles on Cambridge Journals Online will soon be able to benefit from the Kudos service when it launches in April.

Read more about Kudos on their website or find out more on our blog, here.

Dryad Digital Repository

Cambridge is committed to ensuring that the results of scholarly research are made widely available online, stored in a secure, future-proof and fully accessible environment. The Dryad Digital Repository is "a curated resource that makes the data underlying scientific publications discoverable, freely reusable, and citable." As a member of the Dryad scheme, Cambridge can offer its authors the option to store their data in this reliable repository, making it visible to the entire academic community.

You can find our more about Dryad on their website, or read our blog post here.