How do I purchase a subscription (individual or organisational) online?


In order to purchase a subscription online you need to register with us. Please log in if you have already registered, or visit the Registration page if not. Individual subscriptions can be purchased by any registered user. Only the designated Account Administrator can purchase a subscription on behalf of an organisation.

Go to the homepage of the journal you are interested in and choose the type of subscription you would like to buy. Click the 'Subscribe' link and you will be taken to the Shopping Basket. Depending on the type of subscription you chose, it will appear in either the Individual or Organisational Shopping Basket. Once you are satisfied with the items in your shopping basket click 'Next'. Note: checking out of individual and organisational shopping baskets are two separate processes.

Individual shopping basket check-out

You will first be asked to confirm your name and shipping address. When you are ready, click 'Next'. The next page will display the exact tax payable on your print and online items. The total checkout amount will also be displayed. When you are happy to proceed, click 'Next'. You will now be asked to enter your credit card details. Depending on your country of origin, your credit cards will processed by WorldPay (United Kingdom) or VeriSign (United States). Note: We do not store any of your credit card information and only pass it to our payment facility partners.

Once your payment has been confirmed, an online receipt will be displayed. You can print this for your own records. The online items you have purchased will be displayed below with links back to their full-text content. You can view all your subscriptions by clicking the 'Subscribed to' link in the 'Browse Journals' panel.

Organisational shopping basket check-out

Depending on who you are, you may see a number of different screens at check-out.

If you are a registered user but the organisation you belong to does not have a Cambridge Journals Online account, you will be asked to set up a new account. After filling in the organisation details, click 'Next'. You will then proceed with the normal check-out from confirming name and address through to confirmed payment details. (Note: you will now be the Account Administrator for the organisation)

If you are a registered user belonging to an organisation that has a Cambridge Journals Online account (and you are not the Account Administrator), you will be asked to email the Account Administrator to purchase the organisational subscription for you. Fill in the message details, then click 'Next'. However, it may be that you want to buy a subscription for another organisation, one that does not already have an account. Click the 'create an organisation' link and you will be asked to set up a new account. Click 'Next' to take you through to the normal check-out steps.

If you are the Account Administrator for your organisation, you will go through the normal check-out steps from confirming name and address to confirmed payment details.

If purchasing a subscription on a public computer (in a library or office, for example), please quit the browser once you have finished your session. This is to protect your Cambridge Journals Online account and your credit card details.