What is a subscriber number?


A subscriber number is the number you need to activate the online access to a subscription (individual and organisational). However, if you purchase your subscription through the Cambridge Journals Online shopping basket, your subscription will automatically be activated for you.

If you buy your subscription by any other means (via a subscription agent, or by phone, fax or mail from Cambridge University Press) you will need to activate your subscription in order to get access to the full text of the journal. If our Customer Services department has your email address they will email you the subscriber number; otherwise they will mail it to you. If you are subscribing to the print as well as the online version of the journal, you will also find your subscriber number on the carrier sheet in the journal package.

If your subscription originates from the UK, your subscriber number will be a 6 digit number used to identify you as a subscribing individual or organisation. In North America, the subscriber number is either an 8 or 9 digit number.